Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Final 20 Time Update

With the project finishing up, we have been buying the essential ingredients, and preparing the food for cooking. Some of the recipes have turned out good so far, so I am glad that we chose the recipes that we chose. Hopefully everything continues to work out and we may be able to do something more with the food that we cook. Choosing to have a partner was sometimes a good and bad. It was hard when our schedules didn't make time for us to get together and cook. On the other hand, it was nice being able to have someone to rely on and split some of the work up. But we still had independence when we needed to because that is what the project is about. Staying on that topic, this project really helped prepare me for the rest of high school and then college. Not only did it help with the independence aspect, but having a partner also helped. It made me realize how it is hard to work together when you have different schedules. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Helping Other with the Same Passion

I can use my research to help others with the same passion by sharing my knowledge. If somebody else has the same passion as me, then I could let them know some possible career options for after college. This could help motivate them to actually want to make cooking a career. They can look at all of my statistics and choose the one that they find most fitting for themselves. Also, if I go into one of these career fields, then after years on the job someone may ask me about making cooking a career. Then not only do I have the experience to tell them about it, I can also give them my research so that they can choose on their own what they think is best for them. 

Some 20 Time work that I have completed recently is the research on my 20 Time informational paper. Over the last final weeks of the semester we should have cooked about all of the meals that we planned on cooking from the beginning. We are going to also be contacting shelters if we plan to donate some food. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Professional Opportunities

The professional opportunities that I researched were to become a executive chef, chef assistant, restaraunt chef, and many other opportunities. Most of the opportunities put you working in the kitchen. I also researched a good college opportunity which is to go to the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts. I could go there and get a major and specialize in Culinary Arts. From there it would give me a better chance of getting a good career after college. The pros of the opportunities that I researched are that I could get a very good paying job, like if I became an executive chef. Also, I would be in charge of the people working with and around me. Some negatives that I found with the opportunities that I researched is that I would be pressured to be consistent with what I make. Another negative is that I would have to go through a lot of schooling and work my way up to become an executive chef. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How Has 20 Time Helped Me?

The most valuable lesson that I have learned through 20 Time so far is mostly how to be independent. Since the whole project was based around what we wanted to do, we had to do everything on our own. Other skills that have come with the independence is the ability to manage time better. We were just given dates that we had to have things turned in by. So I had to make sure that everything was done and handed in by the due dates. 

This lesson will help with how the project is completed by the end because it will ensure that I have the whole project done by the time it should be. We still have many other things that are due before the project is over, so I need to make sure I continue to manage my time and don't get lazy. 

This will also help me tremendously in other classes because there are always projects throughout my high school career. Also, managing time is a part of life and a part of being responsible. In the real world when I get a job or go to college, I will need to know how to manage time so that I'm not late to work. Then college is the same way as high school is with due dates.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pitch Day

I feel like Pitch Day was a great success. I felt way more comfortable talking on Pitch Day than I was on the day that we presented to the class. After the first couple people came up to us I thought that it became very easy. This has helped me with talking to high authority adults like the administrators that came to Pitch Day. I definitely feel way more comfortable with my ability to do a good formal presentation. Answering questions on the spot was very easy because we are the ones who came up with everything for our project, so there was nothing that we didn't know. 

Thanks to Pitch Day, I think I am better set for the rest of my Highschool career. Whenever I may need to present to students, and even adults, in other classrooms it will be much less nerve racking. I was more nervous to present to the class than I was to the administrators. It was easy with the adults because it felt more personal when there were only a couple people that we had to present to at once. This does not mean that Grant and I were not professional with our presentation, but it helped us be more relaxed which to part in making our presentation better. 

Monday, October 28, 2013


So far Grant and I have completed our pitch-day poster, contacted our authority, and we have made our iMovie invitation. This has helped me organize my thoughts into google docs and help track my progress in these blogs. 

My work ethic has been to not procrastinate because that is something bad that I have done in the past on other assignments. A strategy that Grant and I used was to split the work up evenly, but put everything into google docs so that we could look at and edit each others work. A problem that we have had to overcome is that our authority did not email us back. We got through the problem by getting recipes from other places. Working with Grant has been easy for me because we both do our work and get everything done. 

I have learned that in "the real world" you have to improvise and problem solve so that nothing slows you down and you get everything done. This happened when we didn't get a response from our authority. My experiences have helped me problem solve because I have had to reach out to other people and deal with whatever is thrown my way. Also, this project has helped me deal with getting things done in short time frames on my own. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Contacting the Authority

I emailed Mrs. Beck, one of the Central York Highschool culinary art teachers. I stated that I was doing a project in which I was learning how to cook. I told her that I chose her because her everyday job was teaching kids culinary. That's exactly what I needed for my project, so I asked her for some tips about cooking and baking for my first time. 

I asked for some recipes that she had that may be good for beginner cooks like Grant and I. I knew that she would know what our skill level is because at the beginning of every semester she gets students like me that have never actually cooked anything by themselves. Knowing what my ability limits to, hopefully she would give us some basic tips and recipes that weren't too complicated. I did not have any issues while contacting Mrs. Beck. It was as simple as going to her teacher page and clicking on the category that said, "Email Mrs. Beck."

I did not get any response from Mrs. Beck yet. But if I do not get a response after a couple weeks, I know that she has a spot on her teacher page with multiple recipes. I can click on the recipe link and go to some of the recipes that she teaches her students. I learned from this part of the assignment that contacting someone that may be able to help you can be a long process when you don't get a response. Also, if you never do get a response, sometime you need to think quickly and problem solve to find another solution.